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Sarah Watts - Bass Clarinet         Antony Clare - Piano

NEW CD - SCAWFELL is now released on the clarinet classics label. Featuring works by composers including Antony Clare, Joe Cutler, Wolfgang Gabriel, Arvo Part and Paul Termos.


SCAW are a Nottingham based bass clarinet and piano duo specializing in contemporary music. Sarah Watts (bass clarinet) and Antony Clare (piano) founded the duo in 2003 and have since performed around the UK and at the World Bass Clarinet Convention in Holland. They specialize in contemporary bass clarinet and piano repertoire and have given many World and UK premieres. SCAW have had many works written for them and are keen to encourage new works to be written for this exciting combination.

SCAW have a very versatile and varied repertoire that in addition to bass clarinet and piano repertoire includes music for bass clarinet and harpsichord and also pieces that use electronics.


SCAW are very keen to perform in as wide a range of Venues as possible and for venues that don't have a piano, SCAW have developed programmes of bass clarinet + keyboard and electronics. SCAW have their own keyboard and PA system.


SCAW are also committed to including educational projects within their work and are happy to include masterclasses, composition workshops and school concerts in addition to performing recitals.


SCAW also have programmes suitable for functions and weddings. Please contact us for further details.


Programme Sample:


Evening recital:

Chiel Meijering          He was a Great Man and he Loved Base-ball (1990)

                               for bass clarinet, harpsichord and pre-recorded soundtracks

Dai Fujikura              Dancing Ripples (2002)

                               for bass clarinet and piano

Graham Fitkin           Those Sweet Sweet Melodies (1986)

                               for bass clarinet and piano  

Sungji Hong              Formation of the Black Arrow (2005)

                               for bass clarinet and CD

Antony Clare            Scawfell (2006)

                               for amplified bass clarinet and piano


                                           - INTERVAL Ė


Chiel Meijering         You Canít Keep a Good Man Down (1991)

                               for live bass clarinet and pre-recorded bass clarinets

Sir Peter Maxwell Davies       A fairwell to Stromness (1980)

                                           for solo bass clarinet  

Theo Loevendie       Music   (1971)

                              for bass clarinet and piano  

Ton Bruynèl             Looking Ears (1972)

                              for bass clarinet, grand piano and soundtracks

Joe Cutler               Urban Myths   (1999)

                              for bass clarinet and piano



For more information or to book SCAW, please email:   or fill in the Contact Me form.

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