FEED THE .....


Feed The Beast was the first FEED THE ... project.

Feed The Beast is a 50 minute live contrabass clarinet performance with visuals by Sheffield based Peter & Paul and recorded voiceover by Jon Iles.

Premiered at Festival of The Mind 2020 in Sheffield, this programme highlights climate change and extinction, and is available for touring for live audeinces or live streams from venues.


Feed The Hound is a lockdown project during the early months of 2021 that was designed to increase repertoire for the basset Horn.

Sarah's last concert before the covid cancellations was Mozart's Requiem and this project called for commissions for basset horn and narrator based on dogs.

Huge thanks to all the composers who submitted and Jon Iles for recording the narrations.

Released as digital download 18th June 2021

on Bandcamp, Itunes, Google Play and Amazon.

FEED THE ... are projects for basset horn and contrabass clarinet. Both are the result of calls for scores with specific themes, with the aim of increasing repertoire for these rare low clarinets.