Below are some of Sarah's upcoming performances and courses:

9th October 2019

Sarah Watts and Carla Rees

Coventry University. Time tbc

11th October 2019

Ten Wee Drams

At One With Music, Inverness

Spectrum Centre. 1pm

14th - 18th October 2019

Raasay Clarinet Course

Isle of Raasay, Scotland

25th October 2019

Hard Rain SoloistEnsemble

Harty Room, Belfast

Quartet for the End of Time - Messiaen

16th November 2019

Ten Wee Drams

Glasgow Arts Club

17th November 2019

Ten Wee Drams

Scottish Arts Club, Edinburgh

30th October 2019

Hard Rain Soloist Ensemble

Belfast - details tbc

Recent highlights include:

17th January 2019

Masterclass at Royal Welsh College of Music, Cardiff

6 - 9pm

1st - 3rd February 2019

SABRe Bass Clarinet Conference

Works for Contrabass Clarinet and Piano, by Tom Williams, Miroslav Spasov and Sohrab Uduman

11th April 2019

Ten Wee Drams - world premiere

Raasay Distillery

8th May 2019

NoiseFloor  - Staffordshire University

Works for contrabass clarinet and electronics

24 - 28th July 2019

International Clarinet Festival, Knoxville, USA

Premiere of new work, by Sungji Hong.