Clarinet and Bass Clarinet

“ In 26 years of attending PLG events I cannot recall hearing a solo bass clarinettist before. But Sarah Watts, almost dwarfed by her instrument made the wait worthwhile with assured and well-characterised performances”

The Times.

Sarah Watts is an award winning British Clarinettist who has gained an international reputation for her work as a solo bass clarinettist.

Her work both as a soloist and with her various chamber ensembles has led to numerous CD releases and invitations to perform all over the world. Sarah is  passionate about teaching and in addition being the visiting teacher of solo bass clarinet at the Royal Northern College of Music, she hosts and tutors several courses for adult amateur musicians in the UK and France.

Sarah is a UK Vandoren Artist and an International Uebel Clarinet Artist.

She plays on Vandoren reeds and mouthpieces, Uebel Superior B flat and A clarinets, a Selmer Privilege bass clarinet and is a Silverstein top pro artist for their ligatures.

Spectral Immersions - a comprehensive guide to bass clarinet multiphonics is published by Metropolis Publishers, alongside a selection of new works written by and for Sarah. Copies can be ordered via their website: Metropolis Publishers

Sarah and Laurence Perkins (bassoon) joined forces with the British pianist Martin Roscoe in July 2014, followed by recording the Strauss Duett-Concertino with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra in March 2015 conducted by Sian Edwards. The three works will be released by Hyperion Records in 2016.

NEW CLARINET COURSE! Following the annual success of the Isle of Raasay bass clarinet course, Sarah has launched a new Autumn clarinet course. The first clarinet course will be 19th - 23rd October 2015. Booking and Information visit the course website:

July 2015 will see Sarah perform at the International Clarinet Convention in Madrid, Spain.

For information on Sarah’s various courses and play days - please see the events page.

Sarah gives private tuition on bass clarinet. Be it a first ever lesson, learning the basics or at advanced level learning contemporary techniques she is very happy to give lessons to anybody who wants to develop their bass clarinet skills further.