Spectral Immersions


bass clarinet multiphonics

Sarah has recently completed a PhD in bass clarinet multiphonics. She has created new multiphonics charts for the bass clarinet and commissioned new works for bass clarinet that use her results.

Spectral Immersions: A Comprehensive Guide To The Theory And Practice Of Bass Clarinet Multiphonics is published by Metropolis and can be purchased direct from their website: Click Here.

The book contains history, analysis, new charts and new compositions together with audio and data CDs. A separate series of works written for the project will also be published alongside.

Please see contact Sarah for further information on this project and for Recital, Lecture and Workshop packages aimed at Educational Institutes.

Sarah would like to thank the following composers for writing some amazing works using her research. If you would like to programme Sarah to perform these works either as part of a Spectral Immersions concert or as part of another recital please email: info@sarahkwatts.co.uk

Works for solo bass clarinet:

Multifonix Study , Victor Baez - published by Metropolis

Study for bass clarinet, Greg Caffrey - self published

Airway, Gareth Churchill - published by Metropolis

Sybil, Antony Clare - published by Metropolis

Geometry of Air, Iain Matheson - published by Metropolis

Soundings, George Nicholson - published by UYMP

Shadowplay, Patrick Nunn - unpublished

Mi Cantare, Miroslav Spasov - published by Metropolis

Three days on the road, Sohrab Uduman - published by Metropolis

Screapadal, Sarah Watts - published by Metropolis

Quarter-sounds, Marc Yeats - published by Metropolis

Vox for bass clarinet 2002/2012, Marc Yeats - published by Metropolis

Works for bass clarinet and electronics:

Pareidolia, Patrick Nunn - unpublished

Works for bass clarinet and CD:

Her Sisters Notebook, Lola Perrin - self published

Works for bass clarinet and piano:

Timeless Shades of Green, Stephen Davismoon - published by Metropolis

Darkness Visible, George Nicholson - published by UYMP

Chelovek, William Sweeney - published by Scottish Music Information Centre

NEWS and presentations/performances

- Presentation on research in Sao Paulo, Recife, Las Campinas and Rio, Brazil in November   2012

  1. -presentation at the European Clarinet Convention in Belgium on her research in January 2013

  2. -Works for bass clarinet and piano by George Nicholson and Stephen Davismoon will feature on SCAW’s new CD to be released in March 2013 on the Cuillin Sound label

  3. -Presentation at the SABRe bass clarinet day  - Gent Conservatoire, Belgium in March 2013

  4. -Recital in Assisi, Italy for the International Clarinet Association Convention in July 2013

  5. -Workshops and a performance at the Royal Irish Academy of Music, Dublin in March 2014

  6. -2013/14 and onwards: Screapadal with full narration is now a part of ‘Horizons’ a new programme of music and words for clarinet and bassoon, with the bassoonist Laurence Perkins.

  7. -Performance of Stephen Davismoon’s Timeless Shades of Green at the International Clarinet Association Convention in Baton Rouge, USA. Supported by CASSGB and RNCM

  8. -Presented a research lecture forum at the RNCM, Manchester in November 2014 about her research

  9. -Dr Watts passed her PhD in December 2014

  10. -July 2015. Spectral Immersions and a selection of pieces published and launched at the International Clarinet Convention in Madrid.

With my friend and colleague - the great bass clarinettist Harry Sparnaay whose help and support for this project is very much valued and appreciated